Seamless B2C Ecommerce Experience


Mobile App, Desktop App

Store locator is crafted with the purpose of addition to NIKE APP to help the brand lovers and members to find the desired products in local stores instantly. It also delivers top seller products with content to consumer to learn more about Nike and help them to choose right product.


Lean UX, wireframing, and high-fidelity prototyping


Ideation, UX Researcher, Interviewer, UX Designer, UI Designer, UX Strategist, Interaction Designer, Logo Designer


Pen and paper: Wireframe
Sketch App: UX / UI Design, Logo Design
Principle App, Invision App: Rapid Prototyping

Insights & Discovery

Problem Statement

How can we improve our sales to the consumers?

Research & Discovery

As DGTM team, we have conducted user research, surveys and field study with a dozen of Nike consumers pinpoint the most important frictions of Nike APP related with market:


We decided to create an update for NIKE APP that helps consumer to locate and reserve desired product in closest store without doing any payment in application.

Research & Evolution

Defining the Personas

Since this new update aims to be an addition to NIKE APP our user personas were NIKE APP users.

User & Competitive Research

To create a tool that satisfies all users need, I’ve performed various numbers of interviews and surveys with the consumers. Also, I did competitive product research to evaluate how Nike App’s competition stacks up against usability standards and overall user experience. It helped us to understand how the major competition in our space is handling usability.

Purpose of the Update

From the researches and feedbacks, the strategy and functionalities of the update decided like this:

– Indicate in stock and out of stock information of product by sizes.
– Locate in map and reserve desired product in closest store via email, phone and app.
– Create alarms for the products which are out of stock.

Process Flow

Customer Experience

The color look of customer focused Neo Pack look were the key inspirations for the colors of the application. As soon as I saw the Neo Pack, I fell in love with the combinations of blue and pink; as a result of this Neo Blue and Bordeux was chosen the represent the premium brand update. Neo Pink was chosen as a secondary neo color to be used for notifications.

Feed & Products Screens

Product Navigation

Setting an Alert

Alert List

Locating the Product

Challenges & Consensus


In order to create an update for NIKE APP, it was very important to use same UI components to maintain the branding. To achieve this challenge, I did comprehensive research while working with our brand team on NIKE APP to create pixel perfect experience from font to the other UI components.

Stock Information & Verdict

Company does not manage their own stores by themselves, instead of they allow them partners to manage them. Therefore, stock information is collected by different partners at the end of each month. Since the aim of this update was to give current availability, even though the project was highly anticipated, we had to shelve the project for future where the company will have only one partner in each country.