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Dushesh is a dice simulator gaming tool that I designed for one of my clients. This tool simulates the act of throwing one to six “six-sided” dice which are also commonly referred to as “Traditional” dice, keeps record of it and calculates the probability and frequency of each value.


Lean UX, high-fidelity prototyping, and usability testing


UX Researcher, UX Designer, UI Designer, Visual Designer, Interaction Designer, UX Strategist, Logo Design


Pen and paper: Process Flow, Wireframe
Sketch App: UX / UI Design

Research & Discovery

Problem Statement

In a world where everything evolves into digital, people don’t need to carry dices in their pockets to play games that requires dices. But can a dice simulator evolves into more than just a dicer?

Market Research & Discovery

As soon as we agreed on working together with my client, I deep dived into the dicer applications that are available to learn more about the market. After I played with couple of similar applications, my observation about the applications was very clear. Applications don’t offer any functionality other than dice rolling.

User Research

To create a tool that create difference, I’ve performed various numbers of interviews and design thinking sessions with the potential users that includes my client, gamers, mathematics teachers and engineers. At the end, I pinpointed the main functions that can exceed the expectations from the tool.

Goal & Solution

Defining the Personas

User research helped us to define main user personas for the application along with the purpose. Our first goal was to offer dicing functionality to the gamers of course. With the help of the research, user personas evolved into both school students and mathematics geeks as well.

Purpose of the Application

It was very important the define the strategy and functionalities of the application. Therefore we listed the purpose of the application with four simple statements:

  • Dice and see all possible roll values (sum of both dice) that can be achieved with one to six “six-sided” dice while filtering, sorting and ranking options with probability and frequency information.
  • Learn how the values are generated of all possible roll values (sum of both dice) that can be achieved with two “six-sided” dice.
  • Select multiple roll values and understand what is the joined probability of achieving them.
  • Compare the probability of any possible roll value against any other roll value.



In order to create difference, selecting a name for the application was very important. Backgammon is one of the oldest board games in the world, therefore I did a research on some specific names that is used within the game. Since this application were going to offer probability information and getting two sixes at the same time in backgammon is very valuable, I started to dig into the motherland of backgammon which is placed in Mesopotamia. I learned that if player gets two sixes at the same in backgammon, there is a saying that is called “DÜŞEŞ”. So we combined all in one and come up with the name DUSHESH.


It was very clear to us that dice related inspirations for logo were the top priority. With the help of name, I created a dice with the value of six, and put a matt reflection on the background in order to give six-six feeling.


The color look of James Bond movies like Skyfall and Spectre were the key inspirations for the colors of the application. As a fan of 007, my first thoughts were the dark tones of blue-green colors in order to give VIP feeling to the user; as a result of this VIP Black and Bond Green were chosen the represent the VIP experience.

Gaming Mechanics

Calculating & Comparing the Joined Probability

Continuous Challenges & Improvements

New Experiences

Even though the VIP theme was well appreciated, we wanted to make the platform as customizable as possible. Therefore, we decided to add theme customization functionality for our future plan for users to play the game in different environments like Arabian Deserts or Casinos of Las Vegas.


While create a difference, improving some functionalities on the application was our top priority as well. That’s because for the next releases, we decided to focus to improve learning functionality in order to give proper calculation to the users; so they can understand how the results are generated easier way.

Creating a Difference

Even though tool’s main purpose was to offer dicing functionality, our aim was to create a platform where gamers can play all board games related with dices. In order to achieve this, we postponed this functionality to future releases to create “wow factor” for users. We started to do research about board games related with dice and interviews with game lovers to create future purposes for the application.