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Football Experience

Mobile App

Nike Football X is crafted with the purpose of connecting people around soccer to build a team and arrange soccer matches between each other while exploring latest brand related technology news, jersey designs and latest scores of their favorite teams.


Lean UX, wireframing, and high-fidelity prototyping


Ideation, UX Researcher, Interviewer, UX Designer, UI Designer, UX Strategist, Interaction Designer, Logo Designer, Visual Designer


Pen and paper: Wireframe
Sketch App: UX / UI Design
Invision App, Principle App: Rapid Prototyping
Adobe Photoshop: Visual Design

Insights & Discovery

Problem Statement

Football means world for a lot of countries. In those countries football fans keep track and talk about everything of their favorite teams 24 / 7. In addition, they arrange football matches between them in pitch which is a big ritual that repeats weekly or monthly. Nike already delivered the best app to runners and trainers so how can we give real Nike experience to the football lovers while enriching the content with their favorite teams’ assets?


With the involvement of leadership, I learned that back in 2008, Nike created a football application for football fans only to present brand news; nothing more. Eventually, this lead to application to be shelved for future.


As DGTM team, we have conducted user research with a various numbers of football lovers includes consumers and football fans to find the real needs:

User Research & Evolution

Finding the Convenient Solution

Because of the incapability of the very old tool, we decided to create a mobile application where all users can create pitch game tournaments with each other while living in a unique world designed only for football fans.

Defining the Personas

From the research that we’ve conducted, our first aim to focus on football fans around the world who have passion on football as a fan or as an athlete. This leads to creating new Nike+ members, therefore our second aim was Nike+ members, who have already access on other Nike applications like NRC and NTC.

User Research

To create a tool that satisfies all users need, we’ve performed various numbers of interviews and surveys with Nike+ members, football fans and employees around the world. We also created cross functional team from different departments like brand and sales to gather effective feedbacks and comments.

Interface & Content Structure

Football Experience

Everyday football feeling of stylish Sportswear NIKEFC visuals and the color look of blue and yellow Cristiano Ronaldo Mercurial Soccer Shoes were the key inspirations for the colors of the application. It was very important for this app to carry future company strategy of CR7 shoes; as a result of this Jersey Blue was chosen the represent the future experience. Jersey Yellow was chosen as a secondary sportive color in case of any addition to be added to the Nike Football X for further releases.

Navigation & Iconography

Menu Icons

It was very important to create brand way, user friendly and simple menu bar for smooth navigation through mobile app. To achieve this challenge, with the help of the process flow diagrams that I created before, I did comprehensive research on brand’s and competitor’s mobile applications.

Single & Team Icons

In order to create instant visibility for Single or Team gaming modes to the users, designing vivid shapes and assigning symbols to each icon was very crucial.

Team Onboarding & Feed Screens

Gaming & Training Modes

Exclusive Team Content

Challenges & Consensus

Maintenance & Budget

Maintenance of the application content required a big load of work, which leads to new employee and new department dedicated to Nike Football X. Because of the instant change at the company strategy, the budget dedicated to application shifted to other priorities.


Even though the project was highly anticipated and approved immediately after the proposal, we had to shelve the project for future where the company have budget for maintenance and content management.