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iBot is a powerful and clever chatbot that creates premium customer experience for mobile Apple Store application with conversational and unique user interface. This design practice by Toptal shows the vision, scope and personality of Apple Store app chatbot iBot also known as Siri 2.0.


Lean UX, high-fidelity prototyping, and usability testing


UX Researcher, Interviewer, UX Designer, UI Designer, Visual Designer, Interaction Designer, UX Strategist


Pen and paper: Process Flow, Wireframe
Sketch App: UX / UI Design
Principle App: Rapid Prototyping

Insights & Discovery

Problem Statement

Sometimes mobile apps and e-commerce websites can be time consuming with so many information and low performances.


The goal of the this project create delightful and interactive solution for the current existing tool e-commerce tool of Apple, Apple Store App. This project shows the vision, scope and personality of Apple Store app chatbot iBot which aims to give more personal as well as conversational and premium shopping experience to the Apple customers.

User Persona

Apple consumer that prefers personal, interactive and premium shopping experience.

Research & Evolution

Application Personality

I went to the Apple stores to observe Apple’s brand identity to create unique brand experience to the potential Apple customers with a chatbot. From my observations and conversations with Apple customer, I end up with three unique statements:

User Research & Interview Results

After I did my research on existing platform Apple Store App and interview on consumers, I realized that Potential Apple customers have three intentions: Shop, Get Help and Locate Store. That’s because I designed iBot in a way that it can serve for these three functions.

Task Map of Genius Bot

Shopping Experience

Personality & Story

Application Personality

When I did my research on Apple applications, I realized that Apple uses pop ups to create awareness to the user. Since this projects aims to Apple users I intend to use same pop up technique to create awareness for the brand new iBot feature on the landing page. After user acknowledges the new feature, it is time to discover all Apple products.


For colors, I tried to give almost the same feeling when an Apple customer enters the store. When a customer needs a support from the staff, he / she just comes to a support desk and waits for an assistance. That’s because I choose Apple support desk color for iBot conversation bubbles and store silver for the background.


Consumer Journey

Apple has structured product profiles that helps user to find the best product that suits the interests. When I check both mobile app and the websites, it was clear that Apple uses filtering option to narrowing down the user interest to find the best product. That’s because, iBot’s logic should be finding customer needs by asking simple to higher level questions.

Shopping Flow

Every product has its own categories and options, depends on the product iBot asks special questions to the user.

Product, Color & Carrier Selection

Customization & Getting Help with Clever Questions

Gift & Delivery Options

Check Out & Payment

To ensure reliability, iBot repeatedly shows the current status of the order and offers the shipment and payment options.

Post Check Out & Order Info

After the payment, iBot informs user about the successful payment and shares order details that will sent user’s email address later on.

Challenges & Consensus

Prototyping via Principle App

Because of the limited time, prototyping with Invision App was a convenient solution; but I knew that with Principle App, I could create prototypes with animations to explain interaction between pages easily. Therefore, I created rapid Principle prototype in 2-3 days for submission along with design files.


Since this was a design practice interview, my biggest challenge was the limited amount of time. In just 2 weeks, I had to do both interviews and surveys while researching, designing and prototyping. With a structured working plan, everything went smoothly.


The project was considered as highly successful; especially smooth and Apple like interaction between pages via Principle App prototype created wow factor which helped me to be a Toptal designer at the end. Please feel free to check my Toptal profile: