University Student Dashboard


Web App

Binghamton University myCourses tool helps students and professors to register courses, track grades, learn school announcements and participate on surveys via easy and user friendly dashboard.


Lean UX, wireframing, and coding


UX Researcher, UX Designer, UI Designer, Dashboard Designer, Software Developer


Pen and paper: Wireframe
Sketch App: UX / UI Design
Invision App: Rapid Prototyping

Insights & Discovery

Problem Statement

Tracking registered course news are very important for the students. Before there was no myCourses Web Tool, students or teachers who want to reach out the course contents, grades and etc., were having hard time to get information they need.

Research & Discovery

In 2013, as a research assistant who helped Director of Grad. Studies for Comp. Sc. Prof. Leslie C. Lander in Binghamton University, based in New York, I coined a scientific redesign methodology of student course tracking system, while running comprehensive user studies with development experts, students and professors.


Following the concept, I designed and hard coded a student course tracking tool as a project leader for students in university. Old tool’s interface was very unfriendly and hard to use.

Old vs. New Layout

Several university course tracking tools are observed to reach the best solution. New layout created convenience to all users and helped me to be graduated from Binghamton University Master’s Degree with excellence.